Ezra Walian “besieged” 4 Countries

Ezra Walian “besieged” 4 Countries

Dutch naturalized attacker Ezra Walian has finished his trial at Bolton Wanderers.

“Training for four days since July 17 last,” said representative Ezra, Wide Son, when contacted BolaSport.com, Monday (24/07/2017).

Currently, continued Wide, Ezra is still weighing incoming bids from about six clubs.

“There are offers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Turkey last but still in the negotiation stage,” said Wide.

Wide explained that his client did not want to be too hasty in deciding on a new club. “The main consideration of choosing a new club is the minute to play,” Wide said.

Lack of play minutes that make Ezra refused to renew his contract at Jong Ajax.

Some time, Glenn Walian explains that the new club can at least provide a guarantee appear on Ezra in 20 to 25 matches per season.

“In England or Holland, a club competes for 35 times in a season, and every week they play one or two matches,” Glenn said.

“If you can play between 20 to 25 games, that’s good for him,” he added.

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