U-16 U-16 National Team Opportunities Qualify for the U-16 Asian Cup Final

U-16 U-16 National Team Opportunities Qualify for the U-16 Asian Cup Final

Indonesia U-16 national team to increase the opportunity to qualify for the U-16 Asian Cup after beating the host, Thailand, with a thin score 1-0 on Wednesday (21/09/2017). Raihan these three points consolidate the position of Garuda Asia at the top of Group G Qualification standings with nine points achievement.

Fakhri Husaini troops appear perfect in three games already dilakoni. After melibas Northern Mariana 18-0, U-16 national team won 3-1 over East Timor and last beat Thailand 1-0. Furthermore, U-16 national team will meet Laos in the final match.

From Group G, the new Indonesia and Northern Mariana are playing three times. Laos, East Timor and Thailand have only two appearances and both have a chance of escaping because they have three points, the result of one win and one defeat.

With the situation, Indonesia is in the safest position to come out as group winners. Indonesia only need to achieve a minimum of draw against Laos to qualify for the Asian Cup U-16 in 2018 later.

Seeing the productivity of goals, Indonesia has a huge potential to win the group because it is far superior to its rivals. With a difference of 21 goals, Indonesia winning 12 over Thailand in second place. Meanwhile Laos only has seven goal difference.

That is, Thailand and Laos must win by more than 10 goals in the next game to collect six points, so in the last game can put pressure on Indonesia.

However, if Indonesia only achieve a draw against Laos then the status of group champions are in the grip. One point additional from the draw resulted in Indonesia collecting a total of 10 points, unlikely to be pursued by Thailand or Timor Leste.

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