Conte Reluctant to Respond Matic Condition


Conte Reluctant to Respond Matic Condition

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte says he does not know anything about the future of Nemanja Matic at Stamford Bridge Situs Poker Online.

After the presence of Tiemoue Bakayoko, the future of the player who let the Blues champion Premier League competition 2016-2017 was increasingly unclear. Nevertheless, Manchester United are said to be ready to accommodate if the services of players 28-year-old is no longer needed in West London.

Even the process of removal of players from Serbia who had grazed with Benfica is reportedly increasingly approaching the final stage towards Old Trafford, but the tactician is reluctant to discuss it too far.

“I do not know anything about Matic,”

“You have to ask for certainty on the club.

“Once again I do not know anything about this,” Antonio Conte told the media.

Ends The Runaway Story Of The Robber Of The House Of John Terry

Ends The Runaway Story Of The Robber Of The House Of John Terry

Ends the story of the runaway robbers who broke into John Terry’s home. They are finally arrested and must be ready to bear the consequences of his actions.

In February 2017, Terry’s home burglarized the robbers. At that time, the former Chelsea captain was on vacation with his family. They went to the ski area.

The activity can be seen from the photo that Terry uploaded through his Instagram account. Aston Villa player is indeed often upload photos of his activities on Instagram, including what he did with his family in the ski area.

Who would have thought, the photo of the holiday even bring disaster for Terry. Through CCTV, five robbers were caught sight of Terry’s residence in Oxshott, Surrey.

The gang turned out to be a professional robber who is eyeing the millionaires. Reported by from the Daily Mail website, the five robbers have been caught.

Rumah John Terry di kawasan Surrey, Inggris.

John Terry’s home in Surrey, England. (
The five robbers, Darren Eastaugh, Joshua Sumer, Roy Head, Oliver Hart, and Kye Hardy-King claimed to have the idea of ​​robbing Terry’s house after seeing the footballer’s football in Instagram. Terry’s vacation photo shows that his £ 5million house is uninhabited.

The five thieves in action in Terry’s main room and safe. Toni’s eye watering bag, worth 126,000 pounds, and his limited-edition Harry Potter novel for £ 18,000 were stolen.

In addition, the robbers also took 28 of Toni’s most valuable bags, including the Hermes bag of snake skin for £ 42,000, a £ 8,000 Channel purse and another bag with Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent brand.

Prosecutor Rossano Scamardella said, “They are well-organized and planned robbers.”

The robbers who entered Terry’s house at 22.30 took 45 minutes to steal jewelry and watches from Terry’s room. In addition to stealing, the robbers were also damaged property in the house, so the loss is estimated around 400,000 pounds (about Rp 7 billion).

Kingston Crown Court revealed that the five people are often robbed luxury homes. It is also reported that the robbers will soon be punished for their actions.

Acknowledge no Bayern Munchen, this young midfielder ready to move to AC Milan

Acknowledge no Bayern Munchen, this young midfielder ready to move to AC Milan

Carlo Ancelotti has just revealed if the young Portuguese midfielder, Renato Sanches are welcome to leave Bayern Munich this summer because will not get many opportunities to play in the new season Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Sanches, who was originally predicted to be Bayern’s future star in fact can not even perform well in his first season after imported from Benfica. 19-year-old player was recorded to play 19 times without being able to produce goals and assists.

Because of that condition, Sanches expressed his discomfort at Bayern. After Ancelotti invited him to leave, Sanches said he wanted to play in a club that could give him a higher flying hour.

“Personally, I’m not satisfied with my first season in Munich. Of course I would be happy to play more, “Sanches told Bild after the pre-season Chelsea counter game, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“That’s why I want to move and go to a club that can give me more playing opportunities,” he added.

The opportunity to play in Milan is bigger

Currently Sanches langung targeted many European clubs such as Manchester United and Milan. The last name has great potential to get a signature of the players because Sanches admitted interested in joining a club that slaughter Bayern four goals without reply in the International Champions Cup.

But Sanches reluctant to talk a lot first because it is currently undergoing pre-season tour to China. After returning to Germany he will announce his future.

“AC Milan is an interesting option. If the opportunity comes and both clubs agree, I will consider it. I’m on a tour of China with Bayern, but after that we will gather in Munich and hopefully find a solution, “said Sanches.

“I’m young, I want and have to play a lot. I think the chance to play in Milan is bigger than in Munich, “he said. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Ezra Walian “besieged” 4 Countries

Ezra Walian “besieged” 4 Countries

Dutch naturalized attacker Ezra Walian has finished his trial at Bolton Wanderers.

“Training for four days since July 17 last,” said representative Ezra, Wide Son, when contacted, Monday (24/07/2017).

Currently, continued Wide, Ezra is still weighing incoming bids from about six clubs.

“There are offers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Turkey last but still in the negotiation stage,” said Wide.

Wide explained that his client did not want to be too hasty in deciding on a new club. “The main consideration of choosing a new club is the minute to play,” Wide said.

Lack of play minutes that make Ezra refused to renew his contract at Jong Ajax.

Some time, Glenn Walian explains that the new club can at least provide a guarantee appear on Ezra in 20 to 25 matches per season.

“In England or Holland, a club competes for 35 times in a season, and every week they play one or two matches,” Glenn said.

“If you can play between 20 to 25 games, that’s good for him,” he added.

Manchester City’s Anyar Defender Does not Care About The Expensive Price

Manchester City’s Anyar Defender Does not Care About The Expensive Price

Manchester City’s new player, Kyle Walker talks about his pre-season tour in the United States. The British player is judging, he is ready to give the best before entering the official competition Judi Online Terpercaya.

However, the Sheffield-born player is not bothered by the expensive tags he wears. Understandably, Walker brought Manchester City from Tottenham Hotspur at a price of 50 million pounds sterling or equivalent to 870 billion. With that value, Walker became the most expensive defender in the world.

“I came from Sheffield (United), moved to Tottenham at the age of 19 years, then arrived here with a value like that. It was a huge amount, but it had nothing to do with me, “Walker said.

The 27-year-old said that he only needs to play like during the last two seasons at Tottenham. Walker felt no need to change anything in him upon his arrival in Etihad. Except improve and develop his abilities at Manchester City.

“I feel this is the right step in my career and my family. I came here to test myself with some of the best players in the world, “Walker explained.

Playing under the command of Josep Guardiola was also another reason for Walker’s move from White Hart Lane. Because Pep played with several top players in the same position with Walker like Dani Alves and Philipp Lahm.

“The manager is a big thing for me. I want to come and play under it (Pep). That is a big attraction for me. I feel he can give me some science, “Walker said.

10.000 Bonek Ready Banjiri Stadium Wilis Saat Persebaya Opponent MPFC

10.000 Bonek Ready Banjiri Stadium Wilis Saat Persebaya Opponent MPFC

Persebaya Surabaya will be visited Madiun Putra FC headquarters at Wilis Stadium Madiun City, Thursday (7/20/2017). A total of 10,000 Persebaya fans or so-called Bonek ready to flood the stadium in the 2nd League match.

“It’s about 10,000 fans, usually more than that, but because it’s aired on national television and not on holidays, there are fewer viewers,” said Persebaya supporter coordinator Andi Peci on Tuesday (07/17/2017) After attending security meetings at Mapolres Madiun Kota.

Despite bringing in a lot of supporters, Bonek has been committed to maintaining order during the matches to the end. Because the match against the MPFC into a moment to show the public that Bonek has changed.

Andi allowed his supporters to be prosecuted for criminal acts during matches and post-match.

Meanwhile, Madiun Kota Kapolres, AKBP Sonny Mahar Budi Adityawan, gave permission for the MPFC match against Persebaya after coordinating with the organizers, the TNI and the supporters coordinator.

“We grant permission after coordination, input from relevant agencies, TNI friends and commitment from superservers who are ready to maintain security,” Sonny said.

To secure the game, said Sonny, has prepared about 800 personnel combined from the Police, TNI, Satpol PP and Dishub. Not only that, one day before the game conducted sweeping and security system three hours before the game.

In line with Sonny, Head of Ops Polres Madiun Kota, Kompol Mujo Frajoko said that although there is no potential riot, his staff will not underestimate. Security is done with five-ring model.

Asked about the number of supporters who will be present in the match later, it is not sure. Because of the results of the meeting, each coordinator of both guest and host club has not known the exact number of superstores who will attend.

To note, previous match Persebaya against Persinga in Ngawi City held without the audience.

MU midfielder Prevent De Gea Move Real Madrid

MU midfielder Prevent De Gea Move Real Madrid

Ander Herrera not willing if David de Gea moved to Real Madrid. The Spanish midfielder was even ready to do everything to transfer the saga did not materialize Situs Judi Online.

De Gea has long been linked with Real Madrid. Even the Spanish national team goalkeeper was almost moved there in 2015.

But the error of the document made his move fail to materialize. Even De Gea finally extended his contract at Old Trafford for four years.

“De Gea is very happy at Manchester United, especially since he is a goalkeeper who always gives victory for his team,” said Herrera as reported by Express.

“So I’ll do everything to keep him here,” he assured her.

De Gea is Real Madrid’s main game keeper. If it fails, then Los Galacticos will be chasing Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

Make Another Goal for Everton, Rooney: It feels great

Make Another Goal for Everton, Rooney: It feels great

Wayne Rooney marked his ‘second debut’ with Everton by scoring. Rooney admitted he had been craving for quite a long time this Judi Online Terpercaya.

Rooney, who completed his return to Everton this week, is back in action in The Toffees uniform. The 31-year-old striker appeared as a starter when Everton underwent a preseason test against Kenyan club Gor Mahia in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Thursday (13/7/2017).

Rooney only takes 35 minutes to unlock the benefits of Everton. The former Manchester United player fired a shot from a distance of about 27 meters that can not be reached opponent goalkeeper. Everton themselves in the end to win the game with a score of 2-1.

In the game, Rooney was just appearing for 45 minutes. However, he remains satisfied with the opportunity to play that he gets, let alone can score again for Everton.

“Scoring again for Everton is amazing, it’s something I’ve been thinking about over the last few weeks as soon as I know this transfer happens,” Rooney told evertontv.

“Thank God I’ve done it in today’s game and 45 minutes it will help.”

“It’s a great start but I think we still have to make improvements, it’s still early and we know it will be a tough game in tough conditions but I think we look good,” he said.

Courtois Enjoy the atmosphere in London

Courtois Enjoy the atmosphere in London
Chelsea’s main goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois insists he is very happy with life in West London Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Because the retainer of the Belgian national team is continuously linked will soon leave Stamford Bridge this summer and it was after the agent Christophe Henrotay admitted admitted now intense talks with the club’s top Real Madrid.

Even so, but Courtois would require the 2017-2018 season to remain uniformed in the Blues under the direction of Antonio Conte.

“I think London is an amazing city, which is really good to live in London,”

“I think this is a multicultural city, which is a lot to do and there is also a great restaurant.

“This is a very nice city to live in and I think it’s amazing. I want to live here, where a very nice city. “Thibaut Courtois said on his Facebook account.

Hanya Konstan Dalam Hidup Apakah Perubahan

Hanya Konstan Dalam Hidup Apakah Perubahan

Kami memiliki fakta bahwa MVP Award diumumkan dan memutuskan sebelum playoff NBA sudah berakhir. Hal ini memutuskan sebelum babak pertama bahkan lebih! Apa hasilnya? Diumumkan Rabu bahwa Steve Nash akan memenangkan kedua lurus MVP penghargaan nya.

Sekarang saya agen bola tidak mengatakan bahwa Nash tidak layak MVP kedua. Sebenarnya pendukung Nash akan mengatakan bahwa dia memiliki tahun yang statistik yang lebih baik musim ini dibandingkan musim lalu, ketika ia adalah pilihan yang jelas untuk MVP. Tentu, Nash menaikkan poin nya dari 15,5 per game tahun lalu menjadi 18,8 per tahun ini, tapi tahun lalu adalah tahun lalu. Lebih penting lagi, Kobe Bryant dan LeBron James tidak di babak playoff tahun lalu dan tidak datang bahkan dekat dengan kaliber musim mereka masing-masing memiliki tahun ini. Apa yang saya berdebat adalah bahwa pemain lain hanya lebih layak penghargaan.

Pada Rabu malam, Nash mendapat posterized seperti tidak ada yang pernah lihat sebelumnya. Siapa pemain yang disalahgunakan Nash begitu mengerikan, Anda bertanya? Oh itu Kobe Bryant, calon lain atas untuk MVP dan orang yang lebih layak kehormatan dari Nash. Lebih dari sekedar membuat Nash terlihat seperti orang bodoh di televisi nasional, dunk Bryant pada kuartal keempat disegel kemenangan bagi Lakers atas Suns. Sekarang ini membawa kita kembali ke masalah kami di tangan.

Suns mungkin tidak bisa keluar dari putaran pertama playoff. Setelah Lakers ’93-90 kemenangan Rabu malam, seri ini bahkan pada satu pertandingan sepotong. Sekarang, Lakers menuju kembali ke Los Angeles dengan keunggulan rumah-pengadilan dan kontrol dari seri. By the way Lakers 27-14 di rumah tahun ini dan kami semua tahu Kobe akan mengubahnya membuat takik untuk orang-orang rumah. Jika putaran ini adalah perhentian terakhir untuk Suns, mana yang meninggalkan Nash? Di rumah dengan trofi MVP nya, bahkan setelah ia tidak bisa mengalahkan Lakers unggulan ketujuh di babak pembukaan. Ingat jalan kembali ketika Charles Barkley sebenarnya salah satu MVP pertama tidak memenangkan kejuaraan NBA? Itu pada tahun 1993 dan tampaknya seperti usia yang lalu sekarang. Kembali maka panitia MVP mendapat hal yang benar, dan bahkan lebih ironis adalah bahwa Barkley memenangkan penghargaan saat bermain untuk Suns, tim Nash saat ini.

Terlebih lagi, jika Suns yang sebenarnya kalah Lakers di babak pertama, kasus ini tumbuh bahkan lebih kuat bahwa Kobe adalah MVP. Apakah saya harus membaca daftar cucian prestasi untuk Anda? Pria itu mencetak 35 poin per game selama musim reguler, belum lagi mendapatkan tim Lakers overachieving kembali ke playoff dengan rekor 45-37. Dan sekarang dia mungkin mendapatkan mereka ke putaran kedua sebagai unggulan ketujuh. Tanpa Kobe, tim ini sudah akan berencana untuk Draft Lottery.

Dan bagaimana Lebron James? The Cleveland Cavs adalah unggulan keempat di Timur. Saya ulangi, Cleveland Cavs adalah unggulan keempat di Timur. Jangan lupa bahwa Cavs juga memenangkan 50 pertandingan tahun ini. Ini merupakan prestasi tersendiri. Jangan lupa debutnya playoff Lebron ini; ia hanya mencetak triple double melawan Wizards. Ini adalah persis mengapa playoff harus dihitung dalam voting MVP, karena playoff yang mana legenda dibuat.

Jangan salah paham, Nash adalah pemain bagus yang memiliki musim yang bagus. Tapi tidak MVP seharusnya pemain spektakuler yang memiliki musim yang spektakuler. Sebelum Anda menjawab pertanyaan itu, menjawab yang satu ini. Jika Anda mengambil Kobe jauh dari Lakers dan Nash jauh dari Suns, tim mana yang lebih menderita? Jawabannya adalah Anda 2006 MVP. Saya akan memberikan sedikit petunjuk. Ini bukan Steve Nash.